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[title_nd tag=”h3″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.” color=”#007bb4″]
[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”Are events only scheduled in the afternoon or evening? ” color=”#00bcd6″]

Events can be scheduled at any time; morning, afternoon or evening. It’s the client’s choice.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”Can the events at Patio Los Arcos be scheduled any day of the week? ” color=”#00bcd6″]

Yes, the client can choose any day of the week if the event is scheduled ahead of time.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”Can I book only the venue?” color=”#00bcd6″]

Yes, you can book only the venue. Remember that you can also get packages, which include the rent of the venue. Please ask for all package options.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”What is the latest for events to run? ” color=”#00bcd6″]

Events must finish by 1am.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”How long in advance should I book Patio Los Arcos?” color=”#00bcd6″]

We recommend as far in advance as you possibly can. A minimum of 72 hours in advance is required to ensure we can provide exceptional service.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”Can my guests stay at Club Regina Puerto Vallarta? ” color=”#00bcd6″]

Yes, please ask for group rates and availability.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”Can I obtain samples of menus to be served to my guests?” color=”#00bcd6″]

Yes, and our coordinator, Julia Perez, can schedule an appointment so you can sample our chef’s offerings.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”What are the payment options offered by Patio Los Arcos?” color=”#00bcd6″]

We take credit card, cash, and bank transfers. We do not accept checks.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”Can I hire different providers from the ones offered by Patio Los Arcos?” color=”#00bcd6″]

Yes, you can hire different providers of your choice. Please read the terms and conditions before committing to third parties.

[title_nd tag=”h4″ style=”title” align=”left” title=”I want my event to be fully customized; does Patio Los Arcos offer options?” color=”#00bcd6″]

Yes, for our staff, every event is unique and deserves the client’s personal touch. We fully customize events to meet the client’s needs. Please make an appointment to tour the venue and start planning your event.

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Paseo de la Marina Sur 205, Marina Vallarta,
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, C.P. 48335

Tel. +52 (322) 226.6310
Cel. +52 (322) 194.8615

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