Patio Los Arcos
Hello Julia,


My wedding at your hotel was better than anything I ever expected! You and your team exceeded my expectations in so many ways:

As you know I booked everything from our wedding, reception, room accommodations, flowers, cake, fireworks, DJ and replica watches UK photographer through your banquets office and since I live in Las Vegas, I did everything through e-mails.getting your paper written For some reason I never doubted that you and your team would come through for us with everything we planned, I trusted you 100%.


The entire reception set up was awesome, I loved the table clothes and center pieces, we all fell in love with your water feature in the middle of the banquet area (fountain). It made it so much more romantic. As you know, I had asked you to serve chicken as our main dish and I have to tell you that it was the most ai???amazingly preparedai??? chicken I have ever had. I work for a hotel and I get many chances to dine in excellent restaurants on the Strip and your chef was incredible, the presentation, the flavors made the chicken taste so good. The salad and deserts were great too, very tasty and the presentation was excellent.

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Patio los Arcos 2018